If Patience is a virtue, I ain't virtuous. I definitely subscribe to the Veruca Salt mentality (But I want an oompa loompa, daddy, and I want it NOW!), so when things work on their own timeline, I seem to be overtly exasperated.

Let's flashback to 2007: JD contacted the owner of the domain www.JasmineStar.com, who was the manager of a Texas-based band. The site sat dormant for years until that point, but he wasn't willing to let it go unless a hefty price was paid (Internet, it was hefty…like the trash bag).

JD reached out again in 2008, but the owner raised the price even more. It was at the time we moved forward with www.Jasmine-Star.com and decided to let things be because we couldn't afford what he asked.

Let's flash forward to March 2012: I received an email from the owner of the domain…and he was willing to sell www.JasmineStar.com and allowing me to set the price. WHAT?!?!? I quickly contacted the amazing tech support at Showit and they helped me point things where they needed to go to ensure everything was set up correctly (love them!).

All that to say:
1. I still need to work on my patience.
2. I need to start taking a daily vitamin…oops…detour…