Join Me for a LIVE Q+A TODAY

On this day one year ago, I stood in the CreativeLive studios and embarked on what would become a pivotal moment in my photography career.  I (nervously) agreed to teach a 30 Day Wedding Photography Bootcamp and combined forces with The Knot Magazine for an adventure with as many flips and turns as a game of Twister.  When I started the course, I had NO idea how things would unfold, I felt unworthy, and I was in completely over my head.  And yet, I stood before thousands of people online and taught everything I knew about wedding photography.

As part of the course, I invited CreativeLive to join me as as I shot The Knot Dream Wedding LIVE…yes, I photographed a full, real wedding for students to see and participate.  It was an intimidating as it sounds.


But what I didn't see coming was the OUTPOURING of love and support.  When I was afraid, students rallied and encouraged the team to push forward.  When I felt alone, someone would send an email and tell me how much their business was changing.  This was such a radical time in my life.  When I couldn't extend grace to myself, others did it for me.  Because of them, I was able to shoot a wedding for two of the most deserving people in the world.


Today marks the one year anniversary of this course…and I want to chat with you about success stories and your wedding photography questions TODAY at 3pm PST on my Facebook Page.  I'll be answering your questions live, so I hope you'll join us as we celebrate how far we've all come!