Laguna Beach Engagement : Becky+Blake

It could be chalked up to the luck of the Irish, a four-leaf clover, or Blake's family who threw epic St. Patrick's Day parties. Either way, Becky walked into the party her senior year of high school and expected nothing more than a fun evening with friends, not to meet her future husband. Blake immediately took notice of the leggy brunette made sure introductions were made. Becky politely chatted and later politely evaded his advances after the party when he asked her out.

After a few of Becky's declinations, Blake shifted his focus that summer on training for his upcoming football season at Azusa Pacific University while she prepared for her freshman year at Chapman University. And then–almost out of thin air–Becky decided Blake was someone she wanted to date. And she did. Becky called Blake and invited him to dinner with another couple and from that night forward, they remained best friends and soul mates.

I'm incredibly excited to photograph Becky and Blake's wedding in September and many thanks to Wedding Chicks for sending them my way…I can't wait for what's in store!

Blake and Becky have so much fun together…but every so often, he looks at her with the sincerest gaze of adoration…and I can see why…just look at her!

I arrived to Laguna Beach to scope new areas to shoot the engagement session and I passed by this wall I loved…except it was super dirty and in an alley that smelled, well, ripe. I vetoed the idea of posing the couple there for fear they'd think I was crazy, but later Becky pointed it out as we walked past and said she liked it. Right then? I knew we were a duo made in photo heaven…MOVE OVER BLAKE! 😉

She drives him a teeny bit crazy…and he loves it.

Becky and Blake brought their dog, Bo, along for a portion of the shoot and I think he stole the show…

Ooooh, Becky…rawr.

We ended the engagement session along the coast of Laguna Beach and they couldn't have been happier together watching the sun disappear and remain in each others' arms…

To see more of Becky and Blake's Laguna Beach engagement session, feel free to CLICK HERE for a slideshow with Amy Stroup music provided by The Music Bed.