Lauri and Mike : Engagement


They held each others’ hands as dawn slipped inside the taxi through the lightly frosted windows. Lauri spoke about their wedding and Mike nodded in happy approval—she found the perfect wedding dress (happy nod), they chose their first dance song (happy nod), they were excited for their engagement session on the Las Vegas Strip (slightly happy nod). It’s just that we’re a little nervous for this shoot, Lauri quickly explained. At this, Mike laced his fingers around Lauri’s and gave a little squeeze. His love and devotion for Lauri is evident in the way he listens her to every word. As if they were dipped in honey. He loves her that much.

Mike loves Lauri so much he agreed to have their engagement session begin around 6:45AM. Apparently, words dipped in honey can never be denied 😉

Lauri and Mikey have a totally rad wedding planned for this August in Philadelphia and I couldn’t be more excited to meet their friends and family. Okay, aaaaand try a real Philly Cheese Steak (without the meat of course!). I’m also stoked to run up the same steps Rocky Balboa did…I shall pump my fists with glorious victory! Lauri and Mikey are some of the coolest and sweetest people one could meet and I’m honored to be documenting their wedding day!

I was able to snap a few frames amidst the piles of junk before getting kicked out! Woohoo! 🙂

We ended the engagement session at The Bellagio Hotel and the morning light was just beautiful!

To see more of their engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!