How to Let Doubt Ignite Your Way Forward

A funny thing happened the other day…

Making a pizza transported me back to a tough time in my business. Sounds silly, I know. But let me explain…

How to Let Doubt Ignite Your Way Forward

When I first started my business, I didn't know what I was doing (similar to many times spent in my kitchen. What can I say, my husband, JD is the chef in our family!)

I was at a crossroads in life and had decided to pursue passion and creativity but then as the business grew there were people who didn't like what I did, who I was, and even what I represented. 

In fact, there was a photographer who wrote a scathing blog post. He talked about how terrible he thought my work was and he didn't understand why anybody would hire me. He even hated the fact that I used, “Too many exclamation points!” when I wrote a blog post. 

This person went on to say the only reason I was successful was because I was a business person and not an artist according to him. 

And here’s where the pizza comes in… 

He suggested I should have opened up a pizza parlor or a dry-cleaning business if all I wanted to do was make money. 

Guess what? I had the luxury of creating a business around the thing I wanted to do. I didn't have to choose between creativity and running a business because my camera empowered me to do both. 

He intended to: 

  • Hurt my feelings 
  • Point out my flaws, and 
  • He definitely intended to point out my unworthiness with a camera. 

Let me tell you, his words fell flat because the only thing he actually proved to me was my ability to keep pushing forward… in spite of what people said. 

Did the words hurt my feelings? Sure. But I refused to let them stop me. His words would only be as powerful as I let them be. 

>>Instead of allowing his misplaced words to break me down with doubt, I used them to fuel my dreams.<<

I’m still a photographer. I speak daily (oftentimes on stages to thousands) encouraging other entrepreneurs to chase after what’s possible. I’m also a business owner and CEO. 

In fact, my company, Social Curator is about to celebrate its 5-year anniversary. I can’t believe we’re approaching this milestone. For the last five years, my team and I have had the honor and privilege of serving business owners and entrepreneurs by helping them build a brand and market their business on social media.

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So, if you’re a pizza shop owner, a soap maker, a coach, or perhaps you're a photographer like me, let me encourage you.

If you have negative people in your life who say you're not artistic, not worthy, or worse you're not good enough… let the fire they spew out of their mouths ignite your way forward, and don’t look back. 

Keep going. Continue to run in the directions of your dreams, and shine on. 

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