Listen + Hear Client Requests

Dear Jasmine,
I was hoping that you could help me with a reoccurring problem that I am running into with my clients. After the contract is signed and the wedding day is over a few of my clients have split up unfortunately. Within a week after the wedding day.
I have had two brides ask me not to post or share their images on my Facebook business page. It is hard not to share and promote your hard work but at the same time it's such an emotional time for the couple. I would love your advice on what to do as a photographer and business owner.
Emotional vs Entrepreneur

Dear Emotional vs Entrepreneur,
To be honest, I hate even addressing the idea of divorce because I'm a wedding photographer…I believe in marriage. But the reality is about half of marriages end in divorce, so as professionals and curators of the wedding day, we must be sensitive to requests.

A client reached out to me and requested all photos related to her wedding and engagement session be removed from my blog and portfolio. After a messy (and painful) divorce, she didn't want any public reminders of the day.

As a business owner, I was bummed (selfishly) because I loved the outcome/portfolio of her wedding, but I wasn't hired to build my portfolio…I was hired to document a marriage. Once the marriage dissolved, my only priority was to respect the wishes of the client. Because, really, it's not about me.

I highly encourage you to listen and hear what your clients are saying…listening means you'll adhere to her requests, but hearing means you understand the pain that's attached to the photos.

Emotions Come First,