The Lonely Life of a Business Owner

“It’s lonely at the top.”

Those are the words I read in a recent Facebook comment that stopped me in my tracks.

This is the exact conversation I’ve been having recently with my husband and business partner, JD. Because, friend, I have felt the same way.

As Social Curator has continued to evolve and we welcomed our daughter Luna last year, friendships that I thought would last a lifetime have fizzled out and disappeared.

>>Life, and the time where you spend it, changes radically as your business and family grow.<<

*And that’s OK, Buttercup.*

The Lonely Life of a Business Owner

I grew up with the mentality that when you make a friend, you’ll have them with you for life. And in some instances, this is the case. With other friendships, we are close for a while before our paths diverge. 

Instead of getting in your head about what you may be doing wrong, recognize one thing: People are put in your life for certain times.

>>Rather than being sad or upset by the loss, express gratitude for what those friends helped you discover… both good and bad.<<

And if you are at a time in your life where you long for friendships, find new friends.

*I know, that sounds savage.*

But there is power in defining what friendship is to you and showing up for others in that way.

Once you know what you have to offer someone, you can then find others who’ll fulfill that need for you. *And those who are still accepting when it takes you three days to text back, okayyyy.*

As you continue to grow your business, you will evolve alongside it, Hustler.

  • Find others who inspire you.
  • Find others who support you.
  • Find others who adjust your crown without telling the world it’s crooked. 
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