Love is a Choice

Love is an action, but it's–mostly–a choice.
A choice to stay up way too late at night to finish watching a television series together.
A choice to apologize, even when you know it's not your fault.
A choice to ignore the bad attitude until the other person has eaten.
A choice to hold hands in public.
A choice to say I love you before hanging up the phone when you're out with friends.
A choice to get a glass of water and place it by the bed each night.
A choice to pick up the shoes and put them in the closet without complaining. Again.
A choice to order pizza when what you really want is Chinese take-out.
A choice to smell the lowermost part of a neck and inhale the sweet, musty smells of a hard day.
A choice to say–even in the darkest moments–it'll be okay.

Love is a choice.
And I choose you.

One of the best things about being an Orange County wedding photographer is the luxury of having a variety of environments to photograph a bride and groom. Open fields, cityscapes, the beach…it's a photographer's dream!

There are few things prettier than natural light wedding photography…the sun makes any photo downright gorgeous…

A beautiful bridal portrait on a wedding day is priceless, but it helps when the bride also wants to have fun and relax in front of my camera…

A bouquet filled with dahlias, garden roses, and english roses? Yes, please.

Sunset wedding photos in an open field can't be beat…