Make No Apologies: Cultivating Community Online

Recently, my good friend Chase Jarvis invited me on his online show Chase Jarvis Live. As he began asking me about creating community online, I found myself spitting my Truth. *Literally, I had to wipe my mouth a few times. Ooops!*

I didn’t realize there were such deep emotions hiding just under the surface of my Instagram photos, Facebook updates, and YouTube videos.

This is a RANT: I make no apologies. Deal with it, boo.

You see, there will be people who have an opinion about me, and there will be people who do not like me. Those people will have opinions and dislike me, whether I’m 50% myself or 100% myself.

>>At the end of the day, my only objective is to be completely myself. If you don’t like it, I’ve learned to accept that.<<

This objective will result in one of two ways. I will either attract you into my orbit or repel you. *Dear haters, if you don’t want what I’ve got, you know where the door is. Byyyyyyye Felicia*

See, Buttercup, I told you I get fired up about this! #sorrynotsorry

I am here to serve small groups of people who want to understand me. These are the people who incite change and create alliances. These people believe in an idea so much that they’re willing to show up no matter what.

These people are my Internet homies.

>>I’ve never been a popular girl (nor do I aspire to be), but I am proud of creating a space online where people are seen. Like, truly SEEN.<<

Friend, I see you. I might be a stranger on the Internet, but if I met you in real life I’d shake your shoulders and ask what you want to do.

*…And then I’d want to help you get there.*

My purpose is to empower others to believe that their impossible dreams are possible, no matter how crazy they may seem. The only way I can make them believe this is by showing up, over and over again.

After all, we’re all in this together, aren’t we?

>>In a time when we’re more disconnected than ever before, there’s a real opportunity to create community on the Internet. <<

My reasoning is simple: I give the type of engagement that I want to receive. When I show up for people, they show up for me.

And here’s the real talk: I’m no one special. YOU can do the same.

Show up for others. Give more than you get. Help without expectation. Respond to comments. Hold the door open. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

Be a nice human.

That? That is what building a community is all about.