Making Friends With Fear

Do your goals scare you? Real talk: If they don’t, it’s time to make ‘em bigger. 

I completely relate to the idea of wanting to play it safe. Really, I do.

When I first became a photographer, my goal was simple: Book a client. Literally, any client.

While that seems small and inconsequential now, at the time it felt like a feat of insurmountable proportions.

I even tried giving my services away for free… only to be turned down.

If I couldn’t even *give* a session away, how could I ever get anyone to pay for it?

In the beginning of my business, 99% of people said, “No.” In fact, even after 14 years I still hear plenty of them.

Making Friends with Fear

What I’ve learned over time is to not take it personally. *Easier said than done, I knowwwww.*

  • But it wasn’t me.
  • It wasn’t an indication of my worth.
  • It wasn’t because I failed.

I needed to learn, to practice more, and to refine my strategy… And that takes time.

So what are we to do in those moments when the fear feels all-encompassing?

Bring it to light.

  • Fear loves to live in the dark crevasses of your mind.
  • Fear feeds on itself and grows until the weight feels like it might crush you.
  • Fear is rooted in the unknown.

Begin by identifying what the fear is and where it is coming from.

Then ask yourself three questions:

  • How justifiable is the fear?
  • What am I going to do with the fear?
  • Can I use the fear to push me forward instead of hold me back?

As you practice, the time it takes you to process those questions will reduce.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that even after 14 years, the fear is still ever present. But, the amount of time I spend consumed by it has become less and less each time I shed some light on it.

Friend, you were meant to do big things. You were placed on this earth with a purpose and a mission in your heart. Believe me when I say the world needs what you have to offer.

So please, get comfortable with the fear, embrace it, and make it your friend.

Because once you bring it to the light of day, you can overcome it and continue to dream bigger and better dreams.

It’s time to take on your fear and stop it from holding your progress captive. Ready to ignite possibilities and catapult yourself forward? Good. You were made for more, and I can help you reach your dreams through a new thought process. Download my free Mindset Makeover Workbook by clicking >>HERE.<<