Malibu Engagement : Claire+Steve

It hadn't been a few days and her inbox was filled with responses. And winks. Claire wasn't used sure how this online dating thing worked, but when she signed up with, she was pleasantly surprised to see such a warm welcoming via email. As she sifted through pictures and profiles, Claire saw Steve and something was different. A tiny spark of interest was about to ignite the flame of love.

Steve had a successful career and loved what he did, so dating sometimes took backseat to his business ventures. He created a dating profile with the hopes of finding a special person to share life with, and when Claire's picture popped onto his screen, he was smitten. His first thought was, This girl is hot, so he decided to sit and write a letter.

Claire had never received such a sweet, kind, and genuine letter online. Ever. She wrote back and started the correspondence that changed the course of their lives. On their third date, Steve invited Claire to Point Dume in Malibu. They walked to the top of the hill and overlooked the southern most point in Santa Monica Bay. It was the place they returned for their engagement session, a place where they had fallen in love.

After spending time with them in Malibu, I can't wait for their wedding in July…their days sounds nothing short of amazing in part to Amanda Auer's hard work…their wedding should be a customized version of their love.

Life is crazy is some ways…Claire moved to New York City for college, just a short distance from where Steve lived. They moved to California shortly thereafter but it took the internet to finally hook them up…

I'll end this post with this photo of two sweet people madly in love…

I'm honored to be a part of this wedding and I can't wait for what's in store this July!