Are you a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER, who can’t help but wonder...


what's next?

Are you desiring more
for your business, but feel unsure what that looks like?

Do you feel like you’ve
maxed out your efforts and don’t know what direction to go?

Are you wanting to run toward
a big goal, but feel uncertain
of the next steps?

Are you ready to join a mastermind so you can finally get clarity on what you want AND see results?

to bring it to life

get a clear plan of action

in an environment that allows your dream to foster, and

immerse yourself


with like-minded people;

A mastermind is an opportunity to:

In 2015, I was at a pivot in my life and business, and I needed a fresh perspective, a new way of thinking, and the challenge of being surrounded by people who were growing in big ways.

That’s when I was introduced to the concept of a mastermind and the trajectory of my business shifted drastically.

BEEN there,
DONE that, got the T-SHIRT.

BEEN there, DONE that,
got the T-SHIRT.

I was hooked. Since then, I’ve participated in a number of masterminds — each of which pushed my business to new levels. And that brings us to today.

IT EARNED $255,000.

I set my mind to building a revenue stream that yielded $25,000 (yes, THAT was the cost of the mastermind).  Within six months, I created a new project and launched it, but it didn’t earn $25,000…

If I learned ONE new way to GROW MY BUSINESS (ahem, make MONEY), it would PAY BACK what I had invested.

When I applied and was accepted to my first mastermind, I debated investing because it was far more than I was comfortable with. The price tag quite literally made my eyes twitch. After debating with myself, I came to the following conclusion:

jasmine star

The Jasmine Star Mastermind will empower you to get results in your business that you never dreamed were possible. 

This mastermind is specifically for business owners who are: 
  • committed to sharing ideas, strategies, and lessons they’ve learned with fellow participants
  • willing to stay accountable to the actions they need to take to enable them to grow.

This is for a small group of service-based business owners — making six to seven figures in annual revenue — who are looking to build their personal brand and online business. 


through the duration of the mastermind so you have full access to all the tools and resources you need to grow and market your business.

A complimentary subscription to Social Curator

to ask for feedback, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another throughout the duration of the mastermind.

A private community space

in Newport Beach, CA with presentations and opportunities for networking.

Live in-person event

These calls will be hosted by Jasmine and are mandatory to attend (with cameras on).

Monthly Video Zoom Calls for 2 hours with the Mastermind Group.

how it works

THE next mastermind round will include...

SURROUND yourself with PEOPLE who SHOW YOU what's POSSIBLE.

You want to turn failures into valuable lessons

You’re ready to take full accountability for your success

You’re willing to take messy action, knowing the perfect time doesn’t exist

You find answers to your questions and not wait for them to find you

You're making six to seven figures in annual revenue

You’re building a personal brand

You’re a service-based business owner

You’re perfect for this mastermind if:

You don’t have at least three hours per week to dedicate to the mastermind

You talk more than you listen

You take more than you give

You list excuses for your lack of action

You wait for the “perfect” time to take action

You do lots of learning, but not a lot of doing

( a mastermind is exclusively a peer led coaching program)

You’re looking for personal coaching with me

Who shouldn't apply for this mastermind?



answers for your questions

Can I pay the mastermind cost of $25,000 in monthly installments?

We understand that the mastermind won’t be for everyone - and that’s ok! Jasmine may host another mastermind at a future time that might be right for you - if you’re interested in knowing if/when she does so, add your name to this list.

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since ‘06.

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