Michelle and Brady : Anytime

One of the highlights of what I do is the ability to meet many people and document their lives. How we find each other always amazes me and I have the web to thank for much of it. Such was the case with Michelle and Brady. Sorta.

The Glass Slipper Guild, an amazing organization hoping to raise $5 million dollars for Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), hosted a Gala and auction a couple months ago. I was contacted by a fellow Whittier College alum (Hi Jessica…and Go Poets!) who asked if I'd be willing to donate an Anytime session as part of the auction. I was honored and immediately agreed.

Sometime before the Gala, I spoke at the Smarty OC Event. And then other stuff happened in the weeks that followed. Oh, like, I dyed my hair a festive summer color.

Then I got an email from Michelle. She said she's a part of the Glass Slipper Guild (which means she's awesome by default) and heard me speak at the Smarty OC Event (which means she's awesome by association) and has since followed my blog. And, surprise! Michelle bid on my Anytime session and won. She and her husband Brady hoped to have their session before their third baby arrived and I was more than happy to oblige.

Last week we hung out in Newport and had a chance to have some fun…

Immediately upon meeting Michelle and Brady (it was the first time we met, outside of email), I knew they were the kind of people who made Orange County a great place to live. They're a great family, they give of their time to charitable organizations, and they're truly in love with each other…

I'm particularly fond of Michelle's freckles. But I might be biased. 😉

Brady and Michelle are expecting their third child this fall and I have no doubt their family will be extra blessed with a new bundle of joy…

One thing I loved about Brady was his familiarity with my camera gear. He loves photography so we talked shop for a bit (and I'm quite certain he dropped not-so-subtle hints for Michelle to add to his wish list) and when we passed by this random spot, I tossed the idea out to see if they'd be willing to hang out for a bit. Michelle laughed because when they walked in earlier, Brady mentioned that place would make a great spot for photos. Great minds think alike! 🙂

I'll end with this photo because Michelle looks incredibly happy…and a kind, beautiful, and giving woman like herself deserves every bit of it!

Happy Weekend!