Miranda and Justin : Wedding

The sun shined through the vintage windows of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and music crackled through the radio as Miranda gracefully sat perched on a white leather chair. As the finishing touches were made to her hair and makeup, she looked composed and content while her mother and bridesmaids circled the room like busy bees. People keep on asking me if I’m nervous, but I’m not…I mean, should I be?! A little more hairspray and a hand massage later, Miranda was ready to be married and finally call the man of her dreams, her husband.

Justin and his groomsmen lounged in a poolside room while a DJ spun Top 40 music just outside the private patio. Drinks were passed around, heads bobbed to the music, and tuxedo jackets were distributed while Justin sat perched on a white leather couch and smiled. He was more than ready to see his future wife.

In the penthouse of the Roosevelt Hotel, their wedding blossomed into a singular moment of calm and serenity. The music, the hairspray, the clinking sounds of passing drinks were gone, leaving in their place two beautiful people promising forever and a day to each other.

Miranda and Justin, there are some days when I want to pinch myself to wake up from moments when life seems like a dream. Your wedding day was one such moment. Beyond treating JD and me like family, you made us feel like friends and we appreciate it more than you know. Thank you for inviting me to preserve the memories of your fabulous wedding day and my heart is overwhelmed with so much happiness for you! Hope you’re having the time of your lives in Kauai and taking tons of pictures with your new digital camera! 😉 Much Love and Appreciation…J*

Many thanks to Jeannie for doing a wonderful job with Miranda's hair (Contact: 818.347.1900) and Carolyn for a lovely job with Miranda's makeup (Contact: 818.383.0123)

Many thanks to Enchanted Florist for all the beautiful floral decor…

JD hung out with the guys and captured some awesome photos (you can see more in the slideshow!)

Justin and Miranda opted to see each other before the wedding ceremony to allow for plenty of time for pictures…which is SO awesome!! They met in the Penthouse of the Roosevelt Hotel for photos and it was ultra fab! The room was filled with mirrors and had a cool retro vibe, which made their first moments together so amazing!

I LOVED this red wall we found and though we had just a few seconds to shoot in front of it, Miranda and Justin worked it out!

October 25, 2008

The Roosevelt Hotel is located on Hollywood Boulevard–just across the street from Chinese Mann's Theater–so we decided to walk around for a little bit and had so much fun!

People cheered for Miranda and Justin along the boulevard…

Love it!

The First Dance…

To see more of their fabulous wedding, CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

I'd also like to thank Paula and Anilla (of the Roosevelt Hotel) for all their hard work in making the day flow so smoothly!