My Best Advice For Marketing on Social Media

Do you want to know what my best advice for marketing on social media is?

*Since you clicked on this post, I’m going to assume you’re ready, Buttercup!*

>>My best advice is to create marketing content that showcases your perspective, insight, and knowledge.<<

For example, often our social feeds often look something like this:

  • “I make shoes! Here are the sizes of the shoes we offer!”
  • “I sell sunglasses! Here are the colors you can choose from!”
  • “I bake cakes! Here are a list of flavors on the menu!”

Friend, unfortunately this type of marketing is not what turns followers into customers.

Instead, lead with value when marketing your business like this:

  • “I make shoes! Here’s the best way to select the right pair to bring on your next vacation!”
  • “I sell sunglasses! Take this 4 question quiz to pick the best design for your face shape!”
  • “I bake cakes! Here’s a checklist on how to choose the best flavor for your wedding guests!”

We’re still selling the same thing, but we’re leading with value instead of the sale.

>>When you display unique insights into your customer’s desires and offer solutions to their questions, you kill the game boo boo.<<

You may be asking: Jasmine, how would I know my customer’s desires? Ask yourself:

  1. Who is your client?
  2. What does my dream customer need help with?

>>The goal of creating valuable content is to position yourself as a knowledgeable professional so that they choose YOU out of the sea of others who do exactly what you do.<<

If you were to talk to a small group of people about things they like, offered valuable insight, and presented value with your business…

>>There’s a great chance people would talk back to you.

Friends, this is how you can share, grow your business, and lead with a heart full of value for your followers.

Watch the video below if you’re ready to lead with value, listen to your followers, and THEN create an irresistible offer for them.