My Husband, My Coach

It was funny to me.  The way he said it.  Like, all matter of fact and stuff.  He said it in passing, I'm a good coach.  It made me laugh, and feel like I was privy to my own Phil Jackson (former Lakers coach and legend).  In jest, I slapped his butt the way basketball players who when the team takes a timeout, but he didn't laugh.  JD just smiled.  Because he was being serious.

I sat at the edge of the bed and debated how to respond.  I never saw him as a coach, but as a teammate.  A shorter, unathletic version of Kobe and Shaq, if you will.

But the more I thought about it, I realized he was right.  My husband is the person who…

…reminds me to hold my head up high

…encourages me to talk slower

…asks me to be softer

…begs me to think before speak

…ensures I sleep enough

…asks if I ate enough

…models patience and perseverance

…teaches me to smile in spite of the pain.

Starting a business, creating an online store, building online educational courses, connecting with entrepreneurs, picking up my camera, and a litany of other creative things have been guided by the slight pressure of his hand at the crest of my back, whispering to keep moving forward.  So, yea.  My husband, my coach.