My Instagram Sales Strategy

Are you curious about how you can amplify your Instagram Sales Strategy? 

Well, so was MJ, who attended one of my recent flash-fire business Q+A sessions, where I had the opportunity to answer questions Live on Facebook

MJ asked such a powerful and relevant question that I wanted to share my answer with you too! 

Here’s what she asked: 

“If you had to start all over again, what are the strategies that you would use to get your very first sale on Instagram?” 

My answer may surprise you… 

My Instagram Sales Strategy

I told MJ the same thing I consistently tell anybody else who’s willing to listen. 

>>I would use the exact strategies I’m doing now.<<

Because my dad always told me that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 

In fact, these strategies work the same on any other social media platform you use for your business. 

Whether it be Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok… You name the platform, and the methodology I’m about to share is the same and will work for your business. 

So without further ado, let’s get into the actual strategies of selling on social media. 

First, it’s not enough for you to say that my business deserves a sale without understanding what problem you are solving. 

>>If you’re in business, you’re a problem solver.<<

That’s it. 

If you’re a baker, what problem do you solve? 

  • Making sure people can commission desserts for an event or a party. 

If you’re a photographer, what problem do you solve?

  • Making sure that people feel comfortable in front of the camera and are willing to invest in photos. 

The minute I understood what it meant for me to create a sale on Instagram (or anywhere else) was when I realized that if I just showed up for people and ensured myself and my brand connected with and made people feel seen, THAT was the magic sauce. 

What does this really look like? When myself or my team puts out content on social media, It’s rarely about what WE do or provide. 

>>98% of the content we create and put out is about YOU.<<

In fact, what am I doing right now? 

I’m writing a blog for YOU and anybody else who wants and needs to read what I’m sharing. 

When it comes to creating a sale, we first make sure that our content is positioned to highlight the problem we solve, and then we humanize responses. And when the team and I respond, we don’t just consider it “engagement.” 

Instead, when we respond to comments and DM’s, we look at it as cultivating a relationship.    

Because if we put out content that highlights the problem we solve, in the unique way we solve it, and then humanize how we talk back to our followers and dream customers with no expectation, it’s not transactional. It’s a relationship.

This is a long answer to MJ’s question, but it was important to me to really get detailed in ensuring you understand the nuances when it comes to selling on social media. 

Make sure you position your content in a favorable way that highlights the problem you solve, in the unique way you solve it, and then make sure you engage… Not for “engagement’s sake” but for cultivating a relationship with your dream customers. 

>>When you build a relationship with someone, they’re more likely to buy from you.<<

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