My research on 8-figure business owners

This blog has become a sacred space for me, a place where it’s just me, you, and these words on a screen. I get to pull my hair up, get real, and open the pantry of my business.

Pantry? Well, yes.

You see, growing up, my family had a pantry that was basically a disorganized closet that contained canned goods, a mop, a broom, flash lights, umbrellas, an emergency kit, and a random assortment of board games (don’t ask).

While the pantry was useful, us kids were not under no circumstances—UNDER GOD’S GREAT SKY—allowed to open the pantry when guests were over.

Need napkins when grandma is at the house? Too bad, GRAB A WASH CLOTH.

Need to sweep crumbs when neighbors come over for dessert? Noppe, just KICK THE CRUMBS OUTTA THE WAY.

As an adult, I built a house without a pantry. True story. I built a custom kitchen without a pantry because YOUR GIRL DOES NOT NEED MONOPOLY ON MY SHELVES thankyouverymuch.

But if I was being totally honest, the pantry in my business is my calendar. It’s crammed full of things to do in my day.

Now is NOT the time to open my pantry in front of you, but alas, here we are:

I’m in a research phase of my business, so I’ve set up calls with 7 and 8-figure business owners to ask them questions about what they love/need/want in their business.

The calls are fascinating.

As entrepreneurs our job is to learn so much about the market we serve and find ways to fill the gaps we see.

If you want to expand your market research, here’s my model to get you started:

  1. Set Time on Your Calendar – block out days/times and use a scheduler link (like Calendly) to easily set up meeting times.
  2. Create a List – Here’s a snippet of a Notion doc I created to keep track of people I sent Direct Messages to

3. Keep It Simple – I ask three questions to help with my research. These questions should be based on what you want to learn, but here’s an example of mine:

a. What have you invested in that has empowered you to scale your business? (i.e. What have you loved?)

b. What have you invested in that did not have a positive return on investment? (i.e. What was a waste of time or money?)

c. If I could waive a magic wand in your business, what solution could I create for you that would empower you to scale your business?

4. Say Thank You – (This will make your mom proud).

    I’ll be sharing my insights in a future podcast episode (are you subscribed?!) and share more about what, specifically, this research is for, but for now, it’s time to give a SHOUT OUT to two video podcasts that are current fan favorites on YouTube…

    1. From Homeless to CEO: How to Build Generational Wealth with Fawn Weaver
    2. Quarter 2 Review Laying Bricks: Actions I Took to Build My Future

    What’s in your pantry?