My Sister-In-Law’s Wedding

I was 17 years old when JD pulled up in front of my house in his mom's minivan. In the backseat a very shy 9-year-old girl sat and smiled. I nestled into the passenger seat and JD introduced me to his little sister, Jessica. I was slated to meet his family for the first time, so he figured Jessica might warm me up to the entire clan. He was right. She chatted nervously and laughed at her own jokes, so much so I was immediately drawn to her.

Over the years Jessica has grown into a beautiful young woman. While earning her master's degree, she's taught second grade at the elementary school she attended as a child, which is where she met Art. They met on campus and he was soon volunteering for her class and finding reasons to email her, until one day he asked her to dinner and she quietly accepted.

Art is an amazing man. And he brings out the best in Jessica, even laughing louder at her jokes than she does her own. Together they make the family better and I was honored to document their love.

Jessica and Art asked JD and I to be in their wedding party (yay!), so they commissioned wedding photographers they love (her lovely cousins!). It wasn't until the wedding was over that the couple asked us to take a few photos and we happily obliged…

They're enjoying their honeymoon at the moment, but Art sends photo updates of their travels…what a sweetheart!

Jessica, you made a truly stunning bride. Love you!

Much love to you both!