My Top 3 Instagram Story Tips

You know when you want to make a bold statement but you’re not sure how people will respond to it?

Well, I’ve got my big earrings on today so I’m just going to come out and say it:

>>In 2019, the best way to connect with your audience in a real, authentic way and turn your followers into customers is by using Instagram stories.<<

I don’t say a statement like that lightly, Buttercup… I have been using and testing stories for years!

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In case you are new around here, I am the owner and founder of Social Curator which is a monthly membership site for business owners that gives them the tools to build their brand on social media, including lifestyle photos, customizable caption templates, a monthly action plan, and a community to hold them accountable.

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Friend, I KNOW Instagram stories work for both me and Social Curator members. Below are my top 3 tips for you to start conversations on social! 

1. Speak to your dream customer.

Does your dream customer want to see photos with text on top or you talking to the camera? Friend, know who you’re talking to and study your audience to see what they respond to on your Instagram stories.

2. Resist the urge to make it complicated.

A lot of times we feel that our Instagram stories have to be perfect and polished but that is not what people are looking for online! I don’t need you to be Socrates or Plato in your Instagram stories boo boo… Just start the conversation.

3. Give your followers a way to engage.

Instagram is a social platform, which means if you want more viewers on your stories, your current audience needs to tell the algorithm that they like them. Utilize the built-in engagement tools Instagram offers to make it easier for your followers to engage!

Y’all, it is TIME to start using Instagram stories to jumpstart your business, but also have a plan to save time and drive engagement. 

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If you didn't catch my Flash Fire Instagram Q+A, check out the video below for more Instagram story tips including what time of day is best to post a story, how to get new viewers, turning views into followers, and a whole lot more goodness!