A Cause That Is Close To My Heart

Though it wasn’t part of our original plan, JD and I adopted our daughter, Luna, from the foster care system, a system that is near and dear to my heart.

>>It may not have been part of the plan, but it was part of a bigger purpose.<<

Even before Luna became the light of our lives, JD and I have been honored and humbled to serve on the National Angels team, an organization that supports kids and allows them to be seen and heard.

>>I never realized I was serving the system that would help my future daughter.<<

Create an Impact

I support National Angels because I believe that their leadership and vision are going to be the things that change and transform the face of foster care in the United States.

I’ve experienced firsthand the impact they have within the community and abroad. 

  • We created love boxes. 
  • We gave gift cards. 
  • We went through the aisles of Target and made care packages for families. 

It’s an organization that maximizes every donation to help as many children and families as possible.

>>Foster care is a very broken system. Yet, when we visited National Angels and saw the work they're doing to repair the system, we were filled with hope.<< 

I believe in the mission, and my heart is focused on reminding children in the foster system that they are loved, seen, and supported.