Need An Instagram Makeover?

I’ve seen your Instagram account and I know EXACTLY why you’re struggling with engagement, gaining followers, and turning them into customers…

The bad news is that it has to do with YOUR Instagram account. The good news is that it’s fixable…and I know EXACTLY how to help!

*I gotchu, boo boo!*

>>I’m going to teach you step-by-step how to audit your own Instagram account to get more followers, more engagement, and more customers.<<

If you need a Social Media Makeover *the kind of makeover that would make the Fab 5 from Queer Eye proud* then read on to find out how to self-audit your Instagram account!

1. Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is a calling card, a relatively easy way to connect with prospective clients.

>>Your goal as a business owner is to build trust with your followers so they feel comfortable becoming a customer.<<

To build trust, your profile photo should contain an up close and personal, brightly lit, photo of Y-O-U! *And make sure to wear that beautiful smile of yours, Buttercup!*

2. Your Bio

Priming your audience for sales happens the moment they land on your account, and in order to do that, your Instagram bio needs 5 key components. Let’s break it down!

  1. Your title: How do you want people to describe you?
  2. Your Value: What benefits do you bring to the table?
  3. Your Audience: Who do you serve?
  4. Your Contact Information: How can people contact you?
  5. Your Free Gift: What is an opt-in that prospective followers *and potential customers* NEED?

3. Your Posts

One thing I’ve learned how to do over the years is really pay attention to what my audience wants: 

>>Your followers tell you want content they want to see…if you’re receptive and listening.<<

To make sure you are creating content with strategy so it resonates with your audience, test out posts with various caption categories (what you talk about) and photo topics (images that showcase your life and/or business)

Post a variety of content on different days at different times. Pay attention to what performs well and drives engagement from your audience and be open to changing what doesn’t.

So friend, that’s the three steps you can take to self-audit your Instagram account.

*It was as easy as 1-2-3, am I right?!*

Now, of course, it’s easier to DO the work when you have a clear plan to show up and when you feel confident in your content.

  • It’s time to stop thinking and start doing.
  • It’s time to make big changes.
  • It’s time to take control and get your account seen.

Ready to makeover your account, friend? Click >>HERE<< to download my free self-audit workbook *complete with an easy, peasy checklist*! You won’t even be able to recognize your Instagram account by the end of this workbook!