New Instagram Updates – December 2017

The new Instagram update is BANANAS!! So many great ways to use it for your business…if you have a plan and strategy.

In early December 2017, Instagram dropped a bundle of new updates that made sweeping changes to the app.  I'm a HUGE fan of how these changes will affect the algorithm, so if you'd like more clarification on how you can leverage the updates to grow your business on Instagram, let's chat!

Let’s dive into the HOW…

0:00 – Welcome

0:38 – You can follow hashtags

1:39 – Shorter viewable caption

2:46 – Archive your Instgram stories

6:17 – Auto-populated comment bar

7:26 – Do you view your statistics via Instagram and if you do, which numbers do you use to help you make forward moving decisions?

13:06 – Are you loving the new featured stories on Insta? Also, how often do you change the link on your bio?

14:40 – What is the best way to show up cohesively in all these [personal and business Facebook page, personal and business IG accounts] areas without posting the same thing? Also, do you have any content tips for this Soap Maker?

18:23 – What is an exit link?

19:18 – Do you recommend using Link Tree?

20:27 – When needing better photos, what background seems to get more visibility?

21:16 – How do you put the archived story on your profile?

22:08 – Where can I find a legit Insta101 for my salon business?

22:37 – If you’re talking about not posting the same thing from Instagram to Facebook, how is the content different? What should go where? How is the content different from platform to platform and how do you make these decisions?

25:21 – Are you using the Facebook pixel? And how is that working for you?

26:37 – What are your thoughts on Instagram business accounts? Should you make it business or keep it personal?

29:01 – Will you be doing a video about how you prepare for 2018?

If you'd like to learn more about my complete Instagram strategy, how-to's, and tutorials, be sure to check out INSTA180, my Instagram for Business online class!  🙂