Why We Need to Normalize Uncertainty

I’m trying something new. You see, I’ve been aching to document my journey, but sharing on social media makes me feel… umm, well…


I want to talk about the reality of running a business when everything feels uncertain. Last week, I realized the need to normalize uncertainty.

The Back Story… 

I recorded a podcast with JD (my husband/business partner) about the truth of where I’m at in my entrepreneurial journey and–in a moment of serendipity–he offered to send a handwritten note to anyone who needed a bit of encouragement.

A few days later, JD and I sat and reviewed the emails and I spotted a pattern: EVERY single request was rooted in uncertainty.

  • I’m not sure I should pivot.
  • I feel like this isn’t the right time.
  • Should I try something new?
  • Am I not making enough progress?

…and a million other variations of uncertainty. Well, maybe not a million, but I’m fond of adding a dramatic flair.

(Did I ever tell you I religiously auditioned for community theater? If you ever need someone to lead a rousing encore of a Les Miserable song, I’m your girl.)

Out of nowhere, I started pacing the room (like Alexander Hamilton), and raised an indignant fist (like the Phantom of the Opera), and thought for 525,600 Minutes (a la Rent), and asked JD: 


Why We Need to Normalize Uncertainty

>>Why aren’t we all looking around and admitting we have no idea what we’re doing?<<

Wouldn’t normalizing uncertainty make for a better experience? It’d feel like looking at someone at the treadmill next to me at the gym and rolling my eyes like, “Hey, yeah, this sucks but look at us showing up and doing the work!”

That eye roll? It’s a CODE.

It’s a sign for people who’ll do hard things to get results.

When things get uncertain in business, look across the internet and eye-roll me.

This is our code. We’re doing what we can despite our uncertainty.

That’s the reason I’m trying something new. I’m going to start sharing more of an Insider’s Look at my journey, including things I don’t want to share on social media. 

I’ll still be sharing my favorite Loving-Kick-in-the-Pants notes, but I want to also use this space to share a behind-the-scenes peek at what it really means to be an uncertain business owner who refuses to let fear get in the way.

I’ll be sharing the actions I take, decisions I make, and the results. It’s my hope that, together, we’ll push each other to get comfortable with uncertainty, and get courageous with our actions.

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