You Are Not Alone

So here’s the truth of the matter: most days feel like we are struggling alone.

But the truth is, you’re not. I’m not. 

>>So here is your reminder that what we often see on social media is .01% of someone else’s business, life, and successes.<<

And what we see in the real world is 100% of our struggles, hardships, and shortcomings.

In case you’ve forgotten, I want to be the one to remind and tell you that this… life, running a business, pursuing your passion, or anything else you dream of… is not for the average person.

But you and I are not average people.

You are not alone.

While most people don’t have the stomach to handle what business owners go through, we do.

We are denied, ignored, loving, sleep-deprived, hungry, passionate, people who day-after-day get kicked in the gut when things don’t go as planned. And yet we wake up the next morning to repeat the process again. Day after day.

>>We are the crazy ones. We are a rare breed. And we’re not alone.<<

To be honest, the past few weeks have been quite the struggle for me.

  • I wake up in the night with my mind racing.
  • I spend afternoons pacing in my small living room to find the next best step.
  • Most nights I put my baby to sleep praying that the decisions I make leave a legacy for her.

That? That is my truth. 

And you, sweet beautiful soul that you are, should own yours knowing that you are not alone in the journey, and there are brighter days ahead.

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