Not What I Thought Was Possible

We’re 25 days into 2023, and let me tell you the biggest difference in my mindset.

  • I used to approach life based on what I thought was possible, not with the belief that anything was possible.

I was—quite literally—shrinking my potential based on my history and (limited) experiences, and convincing myself that was my TRUTH.

Instead of looking at the world as endless opportunities (which it is), I decided what was possible for me was based on what I had done, and what I knew (which is minuscule).

Once I decided that anything is possible, I had to make the decision to act courageously. This meant:

  • Not letting what is likely to happen get in the way of what is possible.
  • Taking action despite my fear.
  • Saying yes despite my doubt.
  • Jumping all in.
  • Remaining detached from the outcome.
  • Reframing failures as lessons.

And let me tell you that in the last 25 days—the moment I let myself believe that anything could happen—it did. Invites arrived. Big meetings scheduled. Unexpected phone calls with surprises. Introductions made.

But here’s the crazy thing: Possibilities aren’t reserved for the special, they’re available to anyone who chooses to believe.

Does this sound like a woo-woo, Disneyfied way of looking at the world? Perhaps. But what do you have to lose?

When you believe that anything is possible, you open the door for Possibility to find you. Try it for 24 days and let me know what happens.

Anxiously awaiting,


P.S. Speaking of possibilities, I’m trying something new: I’m launching my very first mastermind (!!), so if you want to learn more when applications open, be sure to sign up for the >>waitlist<<!