Oak Park Engagement Photos : Renee+Kevin

Their university was perched on a hill, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Malibu. Bright-eyed and wide-smiled, Renee walked into her Organizational Management on the first day of class and found a seat. Focused and determined, she somehow missed Kevin's gaze…and continued missing it until they worked on a group project together.

Kevin asked her on a date and she agreed, though–years later–they couldn't agree where it took place (it may or may not have involved Red Robin). In between falling in love, moving in together in the near future, and adopting two pugs, they realized their lives would be empty without each other.

They'll wed later this year in Orange County and have a beautiful day in store, but they wanted their engagement photos to reflect their home town love. We met in Oak Park, California and spent the afternoon with their pups enjoying love on a sunny afternoon.

The park was a nature preserve, so the trees and gnarled paths were nothing short of stunning…

Sometimes a little bit of sunshine makes the biggest difference…

Many thanks to Jeannie Savage of Details, Details for sending Renee and Kevin my way…she has some beautiful wedding details in store!

I loved seeing Lily and Milo make a sneak peek appearance…I mean, a floral color and matching yellow bow tie? Stopppppp.

With El Nino's storms in full effect, we were hours from postponing the shoot, but the sun burst onto the scene providing beautiful light amongst the grey sky.

Renee and Kevin love their dogs in a way that seems so familiar…it was nice to talk about our mutual “crazy” love for our pets! 😉

Oh, Renee, go ONNNNNN with all your gorgeousness…

I'll end of this lovely photo…here's to wish them a lifelong journey of love to them!