ONA Bags


Last week I posted a photo on instagram and it led to a few queries and email regarding my new camera bag. You see, when I was at WPPI Conference earlier this year, I was on a mad hunt for a bag I could use for my gear, but I didn’t want it to look distinctly like a camera bag.

Ideally, I wanted something I could travel with (and look like a purse or satchel) and not look like a tourist. It has less to do with appearance and more to do with not wanting to highlight my photo gear…thieves know a good camera when they see one, so I prefer to fly under the radar with a bag that fashionably blends in.

As I walked the WPPI tradeshow floor, a friend suggested I check out ONA Bags. It was the first year the company had a booth, but the minute I saw the leather camera bags from a distance, I was smitten. There were so many cute options I couldn’t decide which bag I wanted…I finally chose the Brooklyn sidebag because it was nice enough to use on a wedding day as a representation of my brand.

I’ve been using the bag for the past few months (and even traveled with it to Malaysia), and it’s been great so far. My favorite aspect of the bag is the quality leather…just by touching it, I knew it was going to age well with time. Here’s an inside peek of how I travel to an engagement session…

It holds a camera body and the 50mm lens, as well as pockets for the 85mm and the 35mm…(yes, these are only lenses I take with me to an engagement session). On a wedding day, I’ll carry my camera and load up to three lenses in it (for a total of four lenses on me at any given time…you can read more about the lenses I carry on a wedding day, CLICK HERE).

Like I mentioned in this post, all my gear is transported in a large backpack, but I carry only the lenses I need on me in a shoulder bag…and this is why I appreciate ONA so much! Stylish, discreet, and protects my gear…love it.

Happy Monday!

**Updated to Add in Response to Questions**
@Shahed: No, I don’t feel tempted to take flash to an engagement session…my sessions are timed around sunset, so given that as my main light source, I’m fine during a shoot! 🙂
@Christian: When I shoot the ring during the engagement session, I make it part of the entire picture, and not the picture itself. I like to use the ring as part of the story-telling, not as a stand alone. The legit ring photos happen on the wedding day (which can be photographed along with the wedding band and the groom’s ring), so that’s when I’ll use the 100mm macro lens.
@Lisa Cunnington: The black dress is from J.Crew and I absolutely lovelovelove shooting in it!
@Mary Veterano: The leather is real leather, so it’s taken a while to break in, but in the few months I’ve had it, the flexibility has improved. It doesn’t lay flat on my body, but the upside is that it stand up when I place it on the floor…it’s a give and take, I suppose! 🙂
@Karena Dixon: Yes, the leather does make it heavier, but when I decided to purchase this bag, I knew I was making an investment…this bag was made for durability, so I was okay knowing there was a tradeoff. 🙂