Outside, just beyond the frame

It’s a thing she does.  Tami, our assistant, consults a list of 30 questions to get to know us better whenever we have long road trips or late night dinners together.  After a shoot in Palm Springs last week, she asked one of her favorite questions:  What was your favorite moment of the day?


I thought for a second, then laughed a little.  After such a long photo shoot, I was exhausted, but we only made it through because of JD.  He was the person who made everything bearable.

It was extraordinarily windy.  Billows and gusts of dusty wind in the hot sun presented unexpected challenges for this shoot and I became frustrated with the thought of losing an opportunity to produce work I was proud of.

JD pulled me aside, asked me to get my head on straight, and promised to make things work.  And he did.


He found way to shield the wind in every shot.  He found a way to block the bright sun.  He ran from various locations in 100-degree heat.  And he ripped his shirt in the process.


What people see on social media are highly curated moments, often depicting an idea of perfection, but on the outside—just beyond the frame—there’s a man who’ll work hard to ensure our dreams come to life.


Many thanks to Tami Paige for the behind-the-scene photos…and the reminder of how lucky I am to have such an amazing team!