Periscope, Last Minute Speaking, and RSVPing

So a strange (yet amazing) thing happened yesterday. But first let's start with the backstory…for the past few weeks, I've hosted weekly Periscope chats about a particular business topic. My most recent Scope focused on the best networking to grow your business.

In case you're wondering, it's best to diversify your networking efforts by attending three different types of events:
1. Industry Specific Networking
These events are related to business owners doing the same thing you do (i.e. hair stylists connecting with other hair stylists) and are powerful ways to create allies and foster referral circles amongst peers.

2. Professional Networking
These events are related to professionals who are connected by way of similar industries (i.e. hair stylists connecting with makeup artists, fashion stylists, and photographers) and expand business opportunities by diversification.

3. Ideal Client Networking
Long story short, networking with ideal clients means you're getting involved with the community, showing yourself as the professional you are, and connecting on a real level. This was explained in great detail on this blog post.

If you'd like to see the Periscope, you can do so HERE.

So now let's get back to that Amazing Thing. Just before I Scoped, I RSVP'd on Facebook for a Riding Tide Society Networking Event in Los Angeles. On my way to the event, I received an email from the event coordinators asking if I'd be able to speak for 30-45 minutes about Identifying an Ideal Client (they said they just saw my Periscope and recent RSVP).

I read the email sitting in the passenger seat of my car…en route to the event. It was totally and completely random, but I excitedly agreed. I quickly created a presentation and spent the evening teaching creative entrepreneurs…and my heart was full.

The moral of the story? Get hustling…share your knowledge…meet great people.

Photos by Tami Paige.