Personalize Your Blog Posts…for Business

Dear Jasmine,
How does blogging an article about something that has nothing to do with your business but rather your personal thoughts boost your business or attract clients? I've heard many people like yourself say that you should post some personal stuff not all just business related. But my question still has hazy answers.
How would a blog like this benefit my business?
Boosting Blogger

Dear Boosting Blogger,
Before I answer your question, please be sure to watch this VIDEO. There I give a ton of tips, tricks, and ideas on how to grow your business by blogging…as well as blogging ideas.

Now that we're on the same page, I want to narrow the benefits to three main points (however, if you want to get into the nitty gritty, pass me a glass of wine and I'll chatter for dayzzz).

1. Personalize Your Brand
Using your blog to share non-business ideas or stories is a great way to personalize your brand. Let's be honest: there are thousands of businesses like yours, but there is only one you. It's important to showcase your product/service, but equally as important to showcase the person behind it. Updating a blog strictly for business purposes runs the risk of being, well, boring.

2. Attract or Repel
When I blog personal stories or tidbits of my life, I run the risk of turning someone off. It's just the nature of taking a stance on something. For instance, once I blogged about being a gluten free vegetarian and some readers were annoyed. Another time I wrote about my father's illegal immigration from Mexico (later earning citizenship by enlisting in the Marine Corp during the Vietnam War) and I received a litany of negative comments and emails. When you personalize your posts, you need to develop thick skin because once you allow people to have an opinion about your personal life, it opens you up on an entirely new level. But on the flip side, people who applauded my dietary decisions, or people who supported a chance at the American Dream became even more ardent in their support of who I am…and what I produce. Personal blog posts repel ancillary readers and attract people who want to cheer you on. This is incredibly valuable.

3. Diversity
If I were to use my blog to only share photography posts, I'd showcase a unidimensional look at who I am. However, I'm a photographer, entrepreneur, creative, wife, daughter, yogi, friend, foodie, and dog lover (amongst other things). When people look at my business, I want them to have a holistic view of the creation (what I do) as well as the creator (who I am). This is worth its weight in gold and an untapped advantage missed by many business owners.

Boosting Blogger, I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing how your future blog posts reflect your personality and give insight into what makes your business unique.
Write On,