Perspective and Height

It's been said we stand on shoulders of those who went before us, but in my family, my dad took this seriously. He was known to hoist me on his shoulders during crowded events, let me stand on his shoulders in the ocean, and even rode my bike the way circus clowns did.

In each of these events, I saw the world from a different perspective and reached new heights.

A couple days ago, I knocked on my parents' bedroom door and let myself. Together my dad and I sat at the edge of the bed and talked above the muffled sounds of PBS airing in the background. I slipped off my shoes and told him I was starting something new in my life and it terrified me.

My dad rubbed my feet and reminded me never dim my light for fear of what others would say. And if I fail, do so brazenly. Enjoy that beautiful moment of flight, even if you're falling. All these years later, I continue to rest my life on his shoulders to see different perspectives and reach new heights.