Photo Week Bus Tour

My friend sent me a text with the following: Are you really traveling on a BUS up the west coast?! Who are you these days?! I replied that I had morphed into a free loving hippie and she better be careful because I might start smelling like patchouli and avoid shaving my armpits. A few seconds later I replied again and told her I was doing it for the love of photography.

I'll be in San Francisco to help kick off CreativeLive Photo Week 2015. We'll begin the bus journey in the city and head to Sacramento for a live shoot, stop in a few other cities along the way, then rest in Portland for another live shoot. We'll end in Seattle for more (you guessed it) shooting. These events are open to anyone and they're all FREE. You can get all the info HERE!!

These shoots will be leading up to Photo Week, where I'll be teaching a full three-hour course on MARKETING. Should be lots of fun, so join us for the ride. Literally. You can join us as we head up the coast because we'll be shooting as we travel. I'll also be sharing behind-the-scenes video on Periscope (you can find me at JasmineStar) and SnapChat (you can find me at TheJasmineStar).

Hope to see you soon!