Creating Something from Nothing: Millions in Your Pocket

So this is the part where a normal person gets emotional and grabs for the tissues… but this tin man over here has a hollow chest. *take me to the wizard, Dorothy!

It’s not that I don’t care… it’s that I care so deeply and viscerally for people that I think logically before I think about it emotionally. I know it doesn't make sense, but you also know what doesn't make sense? Putting something out into the world and not knowing how it would be received. 

The reason I should be crying right now is because my podcast, this very one you have been so faithful to join me on, hit past a million downloads. Can I just say that one more time: ONE. MILLION. DOWNLOADS.

It feels surreal and to think that just last year I was nervous to turn the mic on and doubted sharing my voice with the world because I thought no one would listen. 

>>Guess what Buttercup, it takes just as much energy to believe you’re going to fail as it does to believe you’re going to succeed.<<

Today I wanted to turn on the mic for this special occasion and celebrate the journey we have been on together for the last 9 months. I pushed through my fears and followed a crazy dream and I want you to believe that it is possible for you too! Join me by clicking play for the celebration. 

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