How to Start an Online Membership

Anyone out there (besides me!) ever have a perfect plan completely unravel? That’s how I felt about my business right before I started Social Curator.

You see, 3 years ago I was feeling betrayed by a team member, confused about my calling, and wondering what I should do next.

>>It was in the midst of my lowest day that I had the idea to create a membership for business owners that provided photos, captions, and a marketing plan.<<

Fast forward to 2020: my team and I have helped over 21,000 business owners market their products and services using social media… and I’m going to spill EVERYTHING about starting an online membership with you in today’s episode.

This episode is from an interview I gave on Jordan Gill’s podcast, Systems Saved Me.

Y’all, she GRILLS me on the ins and outs of how my husband and I started Social Curator, the different iterations of the business and the lessons we learned along the way!

If you’ve ever thought a membership model might be in your future for your business, I have a feeling you’re going to be taking a lot of notes during this one so grab a pen and paper and click play >>HERE!<<

After listening in on how Social Curator blossomed from seed to flower, if you’re curious of what it looks like on the inside you can get a Sneak Peek of the Social Curator Experience!

There, you will find 10 customizable caption templates to start conversations with your ideal client, 10 lifestyle photos to post on your website, newsletter or social media, 3 Instagram story templates to drive engagement with your followers, and an Action Plan on How to Plan and Schedule Your Social Media Posts for an entire month. Click >>HERE<< to check out these resources and grow your business on social media.

listen to the episode:

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