How to Make the Biggest Money Mindset Shift | Curator Coaching Session

Do you know what determines your success?

No, it’s not money, talent, or connections… 

>>Buttercup, contrary to popular belief, the biggest determining factor of your success is your mindset.<<

On that note, this episode of a Social Curator Coaching Session is unique because the questions were more focused around business beliefs (things we believe are facts that limit us, or make us lucky, or–maybe, just maybe–give the impression that some of us are destined for greatness and others are not).

Friend, you are listening to this message RIGHT now because you need to hear me say one thing at this very moment:  Your thoughts are powerful, but your mind is stronger, if you know how to leverage it in the right way.

I can give you all of the tactical business strategies in the world, but if your mindset isn’t in the right place, they won’t work!

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer questions about:

  • How to keep up your motivation when people are not engaging with you on social media
  • When you have a million tasks to get done and you're COMPLETELY overwhelmed by it, how to narrow down WHAT to tackle first and how
  • The biggest mindset shift around money that helped me grow my business

and more!

If you’re ready to tackle the mindset shifts that are holding you back, click play >>HERE!<<

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I can’t wait to help breathe new life into your dreams, so I’ll see you on the Masterclass in a few weeks and of course, on the Jasmine Star Show super soon.

Susannah Zawko, Elevate Fitness Center

Susannah Zawko owns a fitness studio for women by women. Gyms make women feel super insecure & they take that insecurity away by showing them what to do and how to do it… no matter their fitness level or age and everyone leaves feeling like a #BOSS. Susannah’s background is one of domestic abuse and obesity and her mission in life is to make sure that women never feel or experience what she has. So, she has created a space for them to realize their true strength and come back to who they are. She created Elevate for them, but it's what saved her own life too.

Steven de Cuba, Wedding + Branding Photographer

Steven de Cuba is a wedding and branding photographer based in the Netherlands. He's one of those weird people who doesn't just like what he does, but is OBSESSED with it! Steven is the type of photographer who’d do anything for the right photo: waking up for sunrise, climbing mountains, dancing in the rain… you name it! But he's also obsessed with helping busy creatives build a personal brand on social media so that they can turn their passion into a profitable business. He was named as one of the best wedding photographers in The Hague, the Netherlands, and has been featured in different magazines/blogs like The Knot, La Champanera, ThePerfectWedding, and ZankYou.

Macy Gilson, Disability Advocate

Macy is a speech language pathologist, disability advocate and children’s author. While working with children with a multitude of diagnoses, including physical, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disorders, she has cultivated a passion for not only treating their impairments, but sharing their stories. Her goal is to continue spreading awareness and celebrating diversity through her words and her writing. In August 2020, Macy published her first children's book, Kindness is Golden, which teaches typically developing kids how to interact with peers with disabilities and helps empower parents and educators to have conversations about disabilities in their homes and classrooms. She is also the owner of Shop Macy Gilson Co, which features personalized gifts and products committed to disability awareness, inclusion and kindness.

Hannah Wollman, Parable Coffee Co

Parable Coffee Co are craft coffee roasters, passionate about coffee and roasting farm direct exceptional coffees. They love the amazing varieties and complexities that coffee offers, and for that reason search far and wide for the best quality coffees and roast fresh every day. At Parable Coffee Co, they believe you will taste the difference in their beans, which are always balanced to bring out the unique rich flavour every coffee has to offer.

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