How to Get Out of a Funk in Your Business | Social Curator Coaching Session

I have a couple questions for you…

  • Do you ever get in a funk, exhausted from posting and putting yourself out there?
  • How about getting the confidence to put your personality into your business?

I had a *funny* feeling these questions might resonate with you, friend!

>>Well, today is your lucky day Buttercup because you get to listen in on business owners just like you, who through a 1:1 coaching session exclusive for Social Curators, asked me these pressing questions and more.<<

Y’all, Dani, Christa, Ken, Samantha and Madison had the BEST questions and I know you’re going to learn a ton in this episode. Click play >>HERE<< to get all of the goodness from this session!

Speaking of Social Curators… I might ruffle some feathers when I say this, but I believe life is too short to stare at a blank screen wondering what to post.

  • Are you tired of your Instagram posts sitting quiet, without comments or likes?
  • Have you ever hosted a Facebook Live with an audience of zero?
  • Is taking images for your business so daunting that you rarely have photos to post?
  • Wonder why your followers aren’t voting on polls or engaging with your Stories?
  • Are you ready to save time and post on social media in just minutes per day?

>>Sweet friend, if you’re nodding your head in agreement I’m about to reveal the secret to turning your followers into customers (and I double-finger-pinky-promise it’s good)... Social Curator is your social media marketing solution.<<

Get back to doing what you love and use our customizable caption templates, lifestyle photos, and Instagram story sets to turn your followers into customers. On top of all of those resources, in our private Community, I want to show you how to use your social media accounts to build your dream business using our resources and monthly Group Coaching sessions that have helped over 21,000 business owners.

If you love what you hear and are ready to make sales on social media, Social Curator is for YOU, friend! Click >>HERE<< to join before enrollment closes THIS Friday, October 5th at 5pm PST. That’s right Hustler, the doors are closing so run, don’t walk, and join Social Curator today!

Christa Laurienzo

Christa Laurienzo lives in Madison Florida with her husband Jason and four of their six sons. Christa is a full-time psychology student and this year she started my journey as an entrepreneur with the Direct sales company Monat Global. In her spare time, she loves to read and spend time with her family. 

Dani Rast

Dani is a wife, mother and marketing strategist for her family business, Swiss Performance Sailing. Her husband is a Professional Sailor and finished 6th at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, on the 49er Skiff. Together, Dani and her husband moved to Switzerland in 2011 and continue to sail alongside each other. Their newest product is RoboMark, a semi-autonomous robotic mark for sailboat competitions. RoboMark can be used instead of traditional lines, anchors and sometimes fishing line with concrete blocks that get left behind.

Ken Westgaard

As a launch strategist, Ken is all about helping inspiring coaches and course creators plan, execute and ultimately crush their launches over and over again by using his 3-step Press Play & GO Launch Blueprint, so that they can get tons of more leads, sales and have a massive impact. His podcast, OMG I’m Launching, is quickly becoming a favorite for its valuable insights and fun stories that highlight the dramatic ups, downs, failures and success that comes from being in launch mode!

Madison Yen

Madison Yen is a photographer based in Denver, CO. After her dad passed away and she was left with his photography business, she found out exactly why he loved it and saw the beauty where she had never seen it before. Photography has given her the ability to capture true love, emotions, and happiness through photos. Nothing brings Madison more joy than telling people what she does, where she came from, and then showing them exactly how she sese them…through her lens.

Samantha Welch

Samantha Welch, better known as Sam, Sammy, or mom repeated five or six times in a row, is a wedding and family photographer based in Clarksville, Arkansas who is passionate about servicing my clients and community. While there are many things she loves, a few of her favorites are spending time off-roading with her hubby and three girls, running 5Ks, coffee, and watching the sunrise!

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