Fake It Til You Make It? Building A Business Despite Your Doubts | Interview On The Go-Getters Podcast

Have YOU ever felt like an imposter? Like I’m going to fake it until I make it and hope no one notices?  

Everyone struggles with imposter syndrome, the feeling that we aren’t good enough,  in some way or another. *I’m right there with ya!* Symptoms of imposter syndrome include asking yourself: Who am I to do this when there are other people more qualified, richer, better looking, funnier, whittier and more popular?

If you’re guilty of this, I want to shake that mindset up like a can of soda pop, boo! 

Instead of saying “Who am I?” I challenge you to ask yourself WHO AM I NOT?

>>Let me tell you something, friend: You don't have to be important, you don't have to be popular and you don't have to be PERFECT.<<

*You just have to be real and be YOU.*

Why? Because there is no one else out there like you who can provide what you do and how you do it!   

You can’t please everyone, so go ALL IN! Own who you are! 

In this episode, you will learn how to: 

  • Combat fear with action 
  • Speak with a level of authority when you feel as timid as a mouse 
  • Find *and stand in* your place of power 
  • Thank the haters *that’s right!*
  • Do it scared because choosing fear is the ticket to growth 

>> Give yourself permission to shed fear and step into what you want the most. <<

Do you dare yourself and believe in yourself enough to dream? Stop making excuses, stop comparing yourself to someone else, and stop striving for perfection. 

>>Perfection is just procrastination in disguise.<<

When you are standing in your purpose, it is already perfect.

It is perfect because you are seeking out your mission, following your dreams and passionate about what you do. That, my friend, that right there is perfection.

So if you want to overcome the imposter syndrome, choose to be scared and grow your business instead of spinning on the hamster wheel of despair, then head on over to my podcast >>HERE<< and turn the volume up full blast! And if you want a little extra magic, I’ve provided a mindset shifting exercise for you to do >>HERE<<

Because YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! And I don’t mind shouting that from the mountain top.

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