Interviewing My Mom: How Creativity & Homeschooling Make Gritty Entrepreneurs

Are you finding yourself unexpectedly homeschooling your children for the first time due to COVID-19? Or maybe you’re wondering how to foster creativity in your kids?

>>Either way, you are going to *LOVE* today’s podcast episode. It’s very special because my special guest is my mom, Millie Juarez!<<

My podcast team and I decided to bring my mom on the podcast to discuss why she chose to homeschool me and my siblings, and how she was able to foster creativity and make gritty entrepreneurs as a result.

*We felt that now, more than ever, it’s important to speak directly to parents finding themselves unexpectedly homeschooling their children for the first time due to COVID-19.*

From the perspective of a homeschooling mom, you’ll hear:

  • How to make learning FUN at home
  • Millie’s advice for other homeschooling parents
  • The importance of incorporating what your children show interest in to their studies

…and of course, we take a trip down memory lane about our homeschooling days together!

I love my mom so much and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as we loved recording it. Click play >>HERE!<<

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