3 Tactical Tips For Turning Followers Into Customers This Holiday Season

It’s Novemburrr y'all!

*JK, I live in California. What’s a season? *

But you know what isn’t a joke? The fact that we are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. Give me allllll the Tofurky! #vegetarianlife

While the holidays often bring joy, laughter and those cheesy but addicting Hallmark movies, for us business owners they also bring a new helping of stress. 

The truth is, it’s tempting to think your business will be lost in a sea of social media posts and ads during the holidays. 

Everywhere they look, YOUR people are being sold to. …. so how do you get your business to stand out amongst the rest of those juicy holiday offers? 

If selling around the holidays feels like trying to make conversation with your awkward uncle at Thanksgiving dinner… then boo this episode is for you!


Before you click play, I want you to know: you are not alone with your worries as you head into the holiday season. The whole Jasmine Star Show community *myself included!* is in the trenches with you! 

>>The best way to combat the holiday stress is to have a plan for selling on social.<<

In this episode. I am giving you my top tips for turning followers into customers this holiday season. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create a juicy incentive so your followers can’t resist buying your product or service
  • Meet your ideal client and treat them well
  • Use stories to drive engagement and create personal allegiance with your brand
  • Be consistent on social

If you take away one thing from this podcast it’s to resist the temptation to believe that your business will be overshadowed or overlooked this holiday season. There is room for all of us – and I am going to explain how you can hold your ground  in this episode. 

 >>You have an amazing business, so step into the light and show it off, Buttercup!<<

If you’re with me, let’s pop this holiday promotion season wide open like a bottle of Prosecco! 

Head on over to listen to the Jasmine Star Show >>HERE<< to check out more about selling around the holidays!  

And if you would like to go deeper with me on this topic, join Social Curator >>HERE<< where this month's Action Plan Action Plan contains a 4 week social media holiday promotional calendar. Seriously boo, this membership means you *never* have to guess what to post when you have a house full of holiday house guests!

Special thanks to my friend Bob Heilig, who's interview was featured in today's episode from his podcast, Your Virtual Upline. Bob is an entrepreneur, a husband, father and regular guy devoted to helping you make the world a better place by putting love and giving at the center of growing your business. Connect with Bob on Instagram >>HERE!<<

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