How to Organize, Prioritize, and Tackle Your To Do List | Social Curator Coaching Session

How’s your To Do list, friend?

Do you feel:

  1. Totally fine! Got it covered!
  2. It’s all over the place, Jasmine…
  3. What’s a To Do list?

If you answered B or C, you’re in the right place.

>>I use a daily To Do list to keep track of what’s important in my business, and today you’ll learn how to do the same!<<

This episode is the recording from a coaching session with a few members of Social Curator, my monthly membership site for business owners that gives them the tools to build their brand on social media, including lifestyle photos, customizable caption templates, story sets, a monthly action plan, and a community to hold them accountable.

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer the following questions from business owners in different industries:

  • “How do I prioritize what's important in my business?” 24:45-39:20 
  • “I have a Facebook Group with over 100 members… How do I get them to purchase paid content?”
  • “How do I get organized in my business and tackle my mile-long todo list?”
  • “Where are marketing dollars best spent?”

I *know* you’ll learn SO much about organizing, prioritizing, and tackling y0ur To Do list today… To dive in, click play on this episode >>HERE!<<

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Lena Livinsky

Lena Livinsky is a Polish-American woman who moved to the US shortly before her 15th birthday. Lena is a speech-language pathologist, accent coach, podcast host, a blogger and a course creator. Lena is the host(ess) of the Accented World podcast, which aims to inspire the immigrant community to dream big and follow their passion in life, career and business. She’s an avid traveler having visited 33 countries to date. Lena lives in New York with her husband and rescue pup Luna.

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher PMA-NCPT, Comprehensively trained w/ Balanced Body, Master Pilates Trainer hosting Pilates Teacher Training & Workshops. Her teaching style is fun, enthusiastic, and informative. Move and feel better with Pilates!

Natalie Obando

Natalie Obando is an online fitness coach, owner of Handcrafted Headbands, a podcaster, and a fur mama! She helps busy babes make themselves a priority, make time for health & fitness, and helps them gain confidence through her live zoom workouts and fitness programs.

Amy Guild

Amy Guild is a business designer and portrait artist based in Yakima, WA. A fun and vibrant style has given her the opportunity to photograph people all over the world. Passionate about people and wall portraits, helping photography business owners has been a natural extension of her work. Amy and her husband Tavis are also the owners of Guild Canvas, an exclusive canvas company that specializes in handcrafted wall art for professional photographers.

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