Why Adversity Makes You Successful

Friend, I’m about to drop a little *somethin’ somethin’* that miiiiight make you uncomfortable. Are you ready?

>>Adversity in your life isn’t a bad thing… In fact, difficulties and hard times can be the thing that makes you successful.<<

Case in point: I grew up as a girl from the hood. My family received government assistance, parishioners at my dad’s church donated food on our doorstep, and I didn’t learn to read until I was 11 years old.

But today, I can humbly say I’m the CEO of a multi-million dollar business.

*Not bad for a girl from the hood, you know what I’m saying?!*

In today’s podcast episode, I give you a kick-in-the-pants real talk about why adversity makes you successful in hopes that it will give you the fuel to keep pushing toward your dreams.

So if you’re ready for an end of the year pep talk and live Q+A, click play >>HERE!<<

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