How to Show Your Worth to Your Ideal Client on Social Media | Social Curator Coaching Session

Are you properly showing your worth to your ideal client on social media?

*Don’t worry Buttercup, I gotchu!*

Today’s episode is a recording from an amazing coaching session I hosted with members of my membership, Social Curator.

>>These Hustlers are DOING the dang thing and I am honored to have helped them in their business journey, even if it was in a small way.<<

Now, I’m ready to help you… by letting you listen in! 

In this conversation, you’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • “Social Media opens the door to the conversation, how do we qualify people to be customers?”
  • “How do I reach my ideal client and show them my worth?”
  • “When thinking about marketing, how do I find people who have the right personality?”
  • “How do you know if you’re hitting a roadblock or just need to go into a new direction?”
  • “What is the best way to connect and network on LinkedIn?”

The best part? These questions are asked by business owners in ALL different industries… from a small business lawyer to a dessert bar company!

Ready to hear my advice for them and for you? Click play >>HERE!<<

If you’re curious about what Social Curator is like on the inside, you can get a sneak peek of the Social Curator Experience. There, you can download engaging caption templates, story sets, lifestyle stock photos, and a social media marketing planning guide that will show you how to market your business on social media every day with ease. I’m here to support your dreams, so please feel free to download these resources >>HERE!<<

Samantha Bradshaw

Samantha is a lawyer on a mission to help first generation business owners beat the odds, build sustainable, protected businesses and become sustainable wealth generators.

Bouncing around for many years in criminal defense, a stint in NGO work, and 5 years in Lebanon helping massive companies get even bigger, Samantha was looking for something more meaningful and flexible. So she founded an online law firm dedicated to providing proactive chief legal officer services at predictable prices to help small businesses set the legal foundations for their own private empires.

Allison Powell 

Allison Powell is the owner and designer of Truly Scrumptious, a personalized candy and dessert table service based in western Maryland. Allison started her career in finance, but quickly found her creative groove when she was asked by a few friends to help plan and design their big events. A natural with arrangements and design, Allison narrowed her focus to the oh-so-photogenic dessert tables we all love to see, and launched Truly Scrumptious in 2014. She has been fortunate to design her tables for a wide variety of events, from intimate birthday parties to 5-star weddings alongside Maryland’s top event planners. Allison holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Radford University and is also a professional modern dancer with Full Circle Dance Company in Baltimore. When not working on her designs or dancing in the studio, you can find her with her husband and three littles ones, where she truly feels at home.

Lena Farrow

Lena Farrow is an adventure elopement photographer based in Alberta who also designs albums for her couples. Lena’s purpose is to help couples understand that they can plan their wedding however they want. No matter how they plan it, Lena will come along to capture every detail of their mountain and hiking elopement!

Kelci Douglas

Kelci Douglas is a marketing strategist who teaches connection-based marketing techniques that build thriving online communities and increase sales. Growing up in a small island town in Washington State, Kelci understands the importance of community and she strives to develop a strong sense of community for every business she works for. Kelci does this through strategic, intentional, all inclusive marketing plans with business owner's big picture goals in mind. Currently, Kelci is pursuing her MBA from Pepperdine University while simultaneously getting her nutrition certificate through Precision Nutrition to elevate her business expertise and create crossover between her love for food, fitness and marketing.

Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore is a Virtual Assistant located in the Seattle, WA area. As a Navy Veteran, she understands the stress of transitioning military members into the civilian sector and the challenges of explaining your military history and experiences in a resume and cover letter. She uses her skills to help take this pressure off Veterans minds so they're confident when applying for jobs. She loves spending time with her family and watching Doctor Who.

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