How To Build An Unforgettable Brand | Connecting Things Keynote

Do you want to know the secret to making your brand UNFORGETTABLE in the eyes of your dream customer? 

Oh baby boo you better take out that pen and paper because you’re getting allllll the juicy details today. 

Ya’ll, in today’s podcast episode, I’m talking about my favorite topic: how to build a brand. I’m going to be a mind reader right now and say you have no idea where to start or what this even looks like.

So let me blow your mind right now and start by saying: building a brand is not about YOU. *No I ain’t trippin’. You read that right!* 

A brand is not defined by a business, but by the consumer's perception of the business. 

>>A brand is what somebody says about your business when you walk out of the room.<< 

Every interaction you have with your audience is a reflection of your brand.

  • How did your post make them feel?
  • How are you building an experience for them?
  • Did they learn something? 

When you make your audience feel happy, empowered, and educated they feel fulfilled. They turn into your RAVING FANS! 

So how do you do that? 

Well Buttercup, it all starts by pressing play! 

I’m giving you ALLLLL my top tips for creating a brand that turns your customers into raving fans.

I’ll dive into: 

  • Creating content that reflects your personality 
  • Building personal connections on and offline
  • Using the best hashtags to attract your ideal customer to your brand
  • Balancing your personal life with your business

Building a brand is about showing up again and again and again… and then AGAIN! Not for you, but for your audience.

So let’s agree *signed, sealed, delivered* to create consistent content > that create experiences > that create authentic connections. 

>>Because your brand ain't about you, boo. It's about the people you serve.<< 

So friend, is your notebook already filled with pages and pages of notes, ideas and brainstorm scribbles? *I hope so.* 

If you are feeling fired up, excited about building an unforgettable brand and putting together a plan that will propel your business forward, then listen to the Jasmine Star Show >>HERE<< and get my FREE Branding Resource Bundle >>HERE<<.  

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