Goal Setting Tips to Transform Your Business in 2021 | Curator Coaching Session

Tell me, friend: Do you set goals for your business?

A lot of us like the idea of setting goals, but either aren’t sure what goals are attainable, or know what we want to achieve but are not sure of how to get there.

*If either of these sound like you, listen up Buttercup!*

>>Goal-setting is one of the most important parts of business because if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never know when you arrive.<<

In this episode, you’ll hear from REAL business owners who know where they’re going but are not sure how to get there, as well as entrepreneurs who aren’t sure what kind of goals are attainable for them this year.

In this episode, you’ll hear me answer the following questions:

  • “I’m a new start up so I would love to know what you’d recommend my number one goal should be?”
  • “I know you’re supposed to have one goal, but how do I balance multiple goals without letting other things fall to the wayside?”
  • “What is the most important thing to focus on in 2021 if you want to grow your online presence and cultivate engagement?”
  • “How do you stop the fear of failure when pivoting your goals?”
  • “What is the number one marketing activity you would recommend focusing on in 2021 and why?”

>>For each of these amazing questions, I gave business owners tactical tips and walked them through powerful mindset exercises that will set the foundation for their year.<<

I can’t wait for you to listen in on the private session, so click play >>HERE!<<

Of course, we started this goal-setting conversation around the idea that we have the ability to take our dreams and make them come to life…but that only works if we have a plan.  For a step-by-step plan of your own, download my FREE Productivity Planner to get started!

In this planner, I will not only walk you through how to make your goals come to life, but you will also get to see a real-life example of MY daily to-do list. I can’t wait for you to get.stuff.DONE with this planner, so RUN *don’t walk* and download it >>HERE<< and let’s reach our goals… together.

Kady O’Connell

With over a decade in the creative industry, Kady O’Connell has built Business Branding Agency, Kady Creative with a fiery dedication for empowering entrepreneurs to realise their vision and translate their purpose into a strategic brand that connects and converts. 

Kady believes that the best brands don’t have to sell because they connect so deeply with their audience that they become magnets. With her signature brand growth method she and her team help ambitious entrepreneurs combine data-driven insights with beautiful design to build brands that draw people in by blending a refined mix of art, storytelling and strategy. 

Along the way, Kady O’Connell has helped build the brands of over 100 leading businesses internationally. While also recently designing and co-writing her first cookbook, Behind The Half Door: Stories of Food and Folk, that was nominated for the prestigious GOURMAND award.

Charlotte Russell

Charlotte Russell is the co-founder of The Landscaper's Circle (TLC). TLC offers tutorials, templates and support for horticultural business owners across the world. Coming from experience in the industry, Charlotte helps you achieve success – whatever that means to you.

Julie King

Julie is the founder and ‘shortcut’ Pinterest strategist at Julie King Creative. She’s a friendly, introverted, serial entrepreneur, born and raised in Southern California who has spent the last 10 years growing two creative online businesses. After organically 10x-ing her business with Pinterest, she realized this was the most efficient, easy, and fun way to make money online and became dedicated to teaching other time crunched entrepreneurs her ways. She loves sharing simple strategies to leverage content and products so you can easily be found by those dream clients when they’re ready to buy.

Alison Armstrong

Having graduated law school in 2003, Alison went on to practice criminal law becoming a partner at 30 and Managing Director of a law firm at 37.

Already considered one of the leading newborn and family photographers in Norfolk, the married mum of two has been running her photography business for 8 years.   She continues to build her successful family photography business as well as supporting local businesses with their branding and social media strategy and content. 

When Alison isn't working, the 5 time marathoner runner can be found hitting the trails and recovering with a coffee and cake!

Emma Michael

Emma helps equestrians and rural business owners grow their businesses online as their social media manager. She understands your rural business needs and has the expertise to provide you with the kind of memorable and high-quality social media training that will take you from social media novice to online ninja in no time. Emma’s absolute passion is social media and she loves nothing more than helping her clients with theirs!

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