My Proven Four-Week Launch Strategy

Do you have a sweet tooth, Hustler?!

If so, I have a treat for you: a jam-packed interview I had with my friend Ken Westgaard on The OMG I’m Launching Podcast.

In this conversation, Ken and I discuss:

  • How to discover your business powerplay
  • The best way to experiment with your launches
  • The importance of creating personal connections
  • My proven four-week launch sequence
  • Being okay with your worst launch

*That’s right, friend.. We “go there”!*

I believe that last mindset shift is SO important for business owners.

>>When a launch doesn’t go as planned, we have two options: to cry into a pint of Ben + Jerry’s and sulk, or to own it, learn from it, and move on.<<

And I don’t know about you, but I choose the latter!

Friend, whether you’re a seasoned webinar host or haven’t launched your product or service yet, you’re going to be taking notes during this episode. 

Click play >>HERE<< to hear all the goodies!

Speaking of goodies.. I’m a HUGE fan of helping my homies (aka YOU!) believe your impossible dreams are possible… and this year, I have a new way to do that. If you want some kick-in-the-pants inspiration, marketing tips, and a mindset makeover, click >>HERE<< to join my text community!

listen to the episode:

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