Coaching Session | Pivoting Your Business As Your Passion Changes

We all know that change is inevitable. I mean, 15 years ago I was on track to become a lawyer! Could you imagine where all of us would be NOW? You’d be listening to someone else’s podcast…. Or maybe still mine but it would be a whooooole different ball game. 

In today’s podcast, we’re talking about PIVOTING your business with your passions.

Maybe you are in the midst of that change now or maybe it is on the horizon *whether or not you can see it yet!*

Pivoting can look both big (like, you’re completely changing your career to something else entirely) or small (like staying within your industry but changing what service you are focusing on).

So what are you going to do when that change comes?

Here’s the thing, boo boo: I want you to EMBRACE the change! I never want you reaching a wall and thinking, Is this it?

I don’t want you feeling stuck like that gum on the bottom of your shoe. I want to dare you to dream, to dream big for your business and for yourself.

So listen >> HERE<< if you’re ready to transition yourself and learn: 

  • How to find what only YOU were made to do
  • How to shift your messaging and communicate change to your followers
  • How to provide a clear transformation for your community 
  • How to become an authority to your audience
  • How to incite FOMO (the fear of missing out) online

>> What you do should fire you up and give you life! << 

So take it one step at a time… and be unafraid to DREAM BIG.

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Nicole Leffer

Nicole is the Founder and Co-CEO of Chocoley Chocolate, an e-commerce chocolate ingredients company that specializes in high quality, socially responsible chocolate ingredients that are easy to use. Nicole founded Chocoley in her parents living room while still in college over 15 years ago. To date Chocoley has produced over $14 million in total revenue and serves tens of thousands of business and consumer customers throughout the US and Canada — a huge accomplishment for a company that started out of a living room on a college kids' personal credit cards!

IG Handle: @nicoleleffer and @chocoleychocolate

Brodie Pierson

Brodie helps women entrepreneurs create brand photos and content that sells online. From a rural Alberta ranch to jet-setting around the globe, he has travelled across the world crafting personal brands for entrepreneurs featured in Forbes, The Daily Vee, Nike, Thrive Global, TEDX, Vogue, and Elle. His signature 4 step personal branding process has been used by thousands to build their profitable personal brand online.

IG Handle: @brodsimages

Janine Mix

Janine is a retail consultant and strategist with over 20 years of hands-on experience in virtually every role in the retail space, from cashier to nationwide corporate trainer. She has helped to open premier location stores in Beverly Hills and SOHO, and has worked with celebrity clients, government organizations, and industry leaders across the globe. Now, as the founder and CEO of The Complete Boutique, Janine is fulfilling her dream of helping retailers from around the world increase their business profits, personal freedom, and community impact.

IG Handle: @janinemix and @thecompleteboutique

Lynette Williams

Lynette is the Founder of “Holistic Business Co.”, whose mission is to save you time while increasing your revenue with proper planning, Attraction Marketing methods, and a cohesive Brand experience for your clients. If you would rather spend time playing at the park with your kids than sitting behind a computer and you’re ready to invest in yourself and increase your ROI for your business by hiring a professional to elevate your brand, Lynette cannot wait to wave her magic wand over your business and help make your dreams come true! 

IG Handle: @holisticbusinessco

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