How to Use Valentine’s Day to Market Your Business

Friend, are you excited to use Valentine’s Day to connect with your dream customer on social media?! 

You might be thinking: “Jasmine, I’m a graphic designer… How could I use a silly holiday to get more sales?” or “I’m a boutique owner. What does Valentine’s have to do with selling clothes?”

My short and sweeter-than-candy-hearts answer is this: the holiday doesn’t have to do with your business, my lil Hershey’s kiss…. The subject simply has to be something you and your followers can relate to.

No, you don’t have to be in a “love” industry and you definitely don’t need to pretend to be something you’re not just to have something to post about.

What I want you to post is much easier… it’s showcasing how YOU celebrate Valentine’s Day, in hopes that your audience will feel connected to it.

>>When you create content that is relatable, your followers will feel closer to you and you will gain their trust… and trust leads to sales.<<

I know how important it is to connect with your dream customers and this short, jam-packed episode is going to teach you how to show up on social media and watch your followers LOVE what you have to offer.

Click play >>HERE<< to learn how to leverage Valentine’s Day for your business!

By the end of this episode, you’ll be ready to start posting your Valentine’s captions right away… but you’re missing something: the photos! Luckily, I have just what you need: 5 beautiful Valentine’s Day stock photos that are sure to stop your followers scroll and drive engagement! And the best part? They’re FREE! Click >>HERE<< to download your 5 photos and start your seasonal promotions, lovebug!

listen to the episode:

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