Revisiting the Moment That Changed My Life Forever

You may remember that one year ago, I created a podcast episode about how we adopted our daughter, Luna Sol

I recorded the podcast in our Las Vegas hotel room.

>>We had just 24 hours notice to get to the city, from our home in Newport Beach…and on February 2, 2020, our daughter was placed in our arms. <<

It was–hands down–the BEST day of our lives… and today’s podcast episode is revisiting that beautiful day we became a family.

From letting you in on how we celebrated my daughter’s birthday to cheesy recordings of us reading to her, singing with her, and laughing during bath time with her… this episode is about to get REAL!

Click play >>HERE<< to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion… and to express gratitude for the journey, whatever one you may be on yourself.

Friend, it’s an honor to connect with you in such a personal way. Nothing would mean more to me than to continue to grow together, so please subscribe to this podcast and leave a review…this helps me connect with other people so we can continue chasing big dreams together. xo

listen to the episode:

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