3 of The Hardest Lessons I’ve Learned As A Business Owner

“The only way we move past fear of failure is to put ourselves out again and again until the sting disappears.”

This quote by my friend Lewis Howes really sums up the big “F” word: Failure.

It’s not a hot topic to talk about, and it isn’t easy to admit. Failure used to be my biggest fear. I used to define my life based on successes and failures, wins and losses, like life was some big scoreboard… But then I had a mindset shift. 

I realized that failures were just lessons in disguise, and if you look at each experience (good or bad) as a lesson, you’ll get MUCH more out of it than chalking it up to a success or failure.

With this simple shift, I’m able to pursue my passion and, like Lewis said, put myself out there again and again, no matter the result. 

Today, I’m going to give you a candid look at my three greatest business failures (AKA LESSONS!) and what I learned from them with the hope that you can learn from them too.

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Long story short my friend? I could’ve looked at each one of these experiences as a failure, and given up. Instead, I’m CHOOSING to look at them as lessons learned. By doing so, I’m turning “failures” into success!

My mentor James Wedmore always says: “We must make the conscious decision to reframe our situation. We can choose to believe we failed, or we can choose to believe we learned a lesson.”

So if you’ve been knocked down a time or two (or 3 like me…okay, more like 3 million times!), I encourage you to get up, wipe off the dust, and keep on keepin’ on.

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